Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where do we Start?

Well, we didn't have too many people for our January meeting,... Muriel and me, Jane, Margaret, Marilyn and Pat (our ironer).

We did get a quilt sent home with Marilyn to finish quilting and she'll use the back to roll over and finish for binding. She got it finished by Tuesday night and dropped it off. Thanks Marilyn!!! You are amazing!

We sorted through the quilt tops that we need to finish and put a backing on the PS I love you (envelope quilt). That one was hard to find a backing that would look okay and not overpower it (believe me, you CAN overpower a quilt from the back), but still look like it actually 'went with' the quilt. We all seem to love this design, so we may make more of these. We'll tie it from the back (so the ties hang back there) and make it so the 'tacking' of the ties get put through the tip of the envelope to 'seal the flap'.

We also pieced a backing for the Green/raspberry HS quilt (cream center strips) that we thought matched just beautifully. We got it pinned together and put it aside for the Feb quilting event. I will probably get more batting for the event, but it was good to go over and organize them.

I will go over on Friday (my first day off for the slow season at work,) and check out what we need for embroidery thread colors. Make sure I have enough big-eyed needles for tying the quilts. We should be all set other than that.

Hopefully, it will feel like a quilt show when we get the quilts (made from this event in Feb) blessed in church.

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