Monday, February 21, 2011

Behind the scenes

What you don't see behind the scenes that is going on, is ladies BINDING!!

I had given the ladies quilts to bind and I've been getting them back like crazy!! Muriel (my mom) loves to bind, so I've been 'throwing' them in her direction, but Marilyn has been a 'house a-fire', too! I just received quite a few back (check out the list on the sidebar-right- for February 2011) and can't wait to get them blessed (next Sunday). We are creating quite a list of recipients (that's always a good thing), so I hope to send some quilts on their way, to do the work they do (comfort). So far I have lots of kids quilts, some could be lap quilts, so the goal this year is to make more adult-sized quilts.

There. I said it.  Now let's make it happen.

These are the quilts that got blessed... I was honored to have the "Where's My Shirt?" quilt on the main altar... this was a special project that the plaid shirts that we cut up for the blocks came from parishioners donated shirts.

This one I especially loved the label that went with it...

I'll be posting some tutorial photos soon of the blocks I'm having the ladies try at the Mar mtg. One (the quilt we'll make from these blocks will probably be called "Black Diamonds at Sunset") took a little while to figure the 'right' way to put these blocks in order, but I've figured it out. Putting it in a tutorial will help the ladies with a computer be able to refer to this blog to refresh their skills when they need it.

Can't wait to meet in March. We also need to figure a day to take a field trip to Marden's (in Maine). I think this is getting to be an annual trip. I personally don't need any fabric (unless it's for a backing), so my expenses will be slight. Part of the Mar mtg will be to decide which quilts we have made into tops that don't have anything we can make into backs and bring those to Marden's with us to find a back. Last time we did that, Marden's made out with other people there getting inspired (from seeing our group's quilt tops) and therefore buying more material than they originally went there for. We are good business!

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