Friday, February 4, 2011

Upcoming Quilting Event!

Let's hope the snow doesn't continue to cancel everyone's plans on the 12th of Feb!!

We are so excited for this stage of events. This will hopefully complete many of the quilts we've been working on and had to put aside for 'emergency' requests. Some have great stories in the piecing and the process of getting to the stages that they are.

I have one that I 'accidently' got to a top stage just last week (at home). I found a border that matches the one we all thought would be beautiful, but there wasn't enough for a wide border of it. Now it's complete!

This photo shows the inner narrow border (that's what we all wanted to be the outer wide border... but, alas, not enough. Now we've found a way to use it and a wonderful outer border to accent it.
This is the last one we had with no outer border discision. Found fabrics that were the same style as the sudoku blocks and it works!

So keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds out for us...pray, pray, pray.... See you there, I hope. All is welcome for any amount of your day.

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