Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Photos!

I hadn't figured the way to get the photos to you, as they have to go through Picassa albums first, I guess. Here are some of the quilts the ladies finished and brought in...
Carpenter's Star by MaryEllen. She did the quilting on them too.
 and back...

 These two are so cute....

 This one will have to go back as the 'pre-quilted fabric' didn't have any fabric on the backing, so Kathy will adjust it. (So nice to have talented sewers in our midst)
 This one below has "Lazy Leopards" on it.... so relaxing

 These two are 'sister quilts.....with Dogs and Chicks
 This one I had Kathy donate to an Alzheimer's group. It has different shaped buttons in the centers.
 "Cows in the Pasture" is the perfect name, since the cow fabric is framed, and framed and .... (I almost had a moment where I named this "Corral Crazy", but I didn't.)
 This cute Lime Centered Heartstring quilt has fun and bright fabrics for any kid!
 This we're still working on. It has a name though,..... "Cotton Candy Pink"

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