Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Preparation

It's two days before our meeting and I want to prepare the ladies for it. Yes, we'll be doing our normal tying of any remaining quilt tops, but I want to have some things put aside for the January quilting event (6 hrs).

We need 'manly' quilts.

I have some great ideas and plans, but may send you all home with homework!! Notice that the date it will be due is JANUARY 2013. Gives a lot of time to play...and you won't have too many blocks to make, so it should be relatively easy.

If you are wondering about our "Canning quilt", it hasn't been forgotten. I know it's a very involved quilt, because we have no 'pattern' to go by (THIS is what is called 'flying by the seat of your pants') so I want to wait until April (our next 6 hr event) to put this top together.

We have given a few quits away since our last meeting, and I'll catch you up on those recipients.

See you Monday!

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