Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another quilt has found it's home...

I was so glad to be able to deliver one of our quilts, 4-patch Orphans, to a woman (38 yr old, mom of a 5 yr old who was a teacher) with brain cancer today. How I found out about her was not the usual way. I have a classmate from High school who was applauding her friend's struggle with her cancer, when I asked her if we could send her a quilt. I sent her our blog, so she could see what we do and she was thrilled to have us do this.

We named this quilt 4-patch Orphans, because each of the blocks are made up with 4 blocks put together to make a larger one. Then we put 9 of those together. I reason they are 'orphans' is because they were leftover blocks/or didn't seem to 'get along' with the other quilt blocks made like them. By putting them together THIS way, they work beautifully and 'sing'.

Of course, the week I planned to get the quilt to her, was one of the hottest weeks on record for CT... so I waited until Sunday (temp of 93 vs 101) after church to drive it to her. the 58 miles to 'hand-deliver' it was costing me the same as if I put it in a box and sent it, but I didn't have a box a hand, so off I went.

As I knocked on the door, I heard dogs barking. Now, I'm not afraid of them, per se, I just would rather not deal with them (they jump usually). The woman that answered the door had a big dog by the collar and it had sounded like she'd already put another one in a side room before answering the door. When she struggled to keep hold of the dog and open the outer door, I told her I had something for "F". She asked if I wanted to come in, as she was upstairs in bed, I declined coming in, but just said I had something for her from her friend, R.K. I didn't want to impose.

It's funny. All the way home I wondered ... what if I'd gone upstairs? Would she have felt uncomfortable 'greeting' someone she didn't know (who she would have figured out KNEW about her condition)? What would  have said to comfort her? Could I have done that by just telling her about the quilt and what it could do for her? That the quilt had been blessed... That the ladies who made the squares LOVE doing this. Love giving them away in the hopes that wherever they land, maybe, just maybe, they will wrap themselves about the shoulders of the new owner and whisper that they are loved. That they could feel better for JUST an instance. Maybe. Just maybe, when she reads the letter we enclose with the quilt, she'll know just what we wanted to say to her, without ever saying a word. Maybe she'll hear those four-letter words you want to hear when you're sick...take care, have hope, ... and love.

 God shows his face in many forms.... may she see that today.

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  1. You are too kind, my daughter Faye would have loved to meet you. She would have welcomed you with open arms, tomorrow we find out her results of her MRI & I pray God isn't ready to take her away from us. I will never forget your kindness, you have touched my heart as well as Faye's. I can't thank you enough, the quilt is so beautiful & will be with her always! Yesterday my husband sat Faye between us and wrapped her in the blanket. He told her to feel all the hugs she is blessed with. Of course after seeing this, her son wanted to be hugged by the blanket as well.