Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Meeting is rather productive

First meeting of the year (after our summer break) proved to be good. We got some decisions made on designs and talked about what is up and coming.
 This is the Motorcycle quilt (Cycling in VT), that we needed to figure out what to fill in on those corners. Decided to go with HST with white on one side and selvedge strips on the other side of the triangle, to kind of 'box' it in. Center four squares that surround the middle block will be orange (not white). Also will put corners with motorcycle fabric.
This is a cutie made by Enid... Makes me think of a baseball diamond, missing 1st base. "Where's First Base?" is my choice of names. What do you think?

 More Pocket prayers.... yeah! We haven't run out yet. That's good.

 This is one of the last of the Blue Belly quilts... made by Kathy S. (I think it's #5).  Will make a good guy quilt.
Kathy made this Mountain Majesties quilt top, but said it would be her last (of this pattern). These are smaller than the blue/purple/gold one shown in an earlier post. We decided to add a border and dark green binding with a green /pink floral backing. "Green Mountain Majesties"...
 Sent off some pillowcases and tops (below) to Alycia Carmin in CO who does wonderful work with a long arm finishing these quilts and delivering them to our veterans. Thanks Alycia.
 This is Kathy's "The Last Hurrah", as she is out of RWB fabrics (as she says "No more QOV quilts for me!" What she doesn't know is that QOV quilts can be any color at all, so it won't be the last from us, LOL)
" Navy Men"...
 Close up
" A Military Thank you"
 close up
"Service Salute"

 Here is the pile of blocks for the cycling in VT  quilt top. Hope to have it put together by the end of the weekend.
 Cut the borders (rust), and the binding (dark green) and the small square of fabric poking out is the backing.
 This quilt, made by Kathy S. I'm calling "Just Ducky" was sent to a 5 yr old girl dealing with kidney issues. Just had a 'port' taken out while in the hospital. Glo (my co-worker) says she thought she had HPV, but I think she may have the initials mixed up.
Well, can't wait to see what gets done for the next meeting!

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  1. Nancy - The Green Mountain Majesties quilt isn't mine ...
    Mary Ellen