Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reprint of my recent speech....

I was asked to talk to the congregation at our church about our group and it's ministry. I wasn't sure that would be an easy thing to do, since I'm very passionate about it (and I might cry). So, after numerous requests to print this, here it is.

Ministry Minute – Peace by Piece Quilters

 Sometimes you never know what God wants you to do… I’d thought that for a long time, tried to fit myself in to various places at St Mary’s; Sunday school teacher, Vestry, May fair… I tried to think of the gifts that God had given me, and while I knew I had some, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what they were or how He wanted me to use them. Not until I saw an announcement from the ‘knitters’, did He speak to me. While I didn’t know God would use me to provide comfort to those in need, it was HE who created Peace by Piece Quilters, even if I think I did that. 

I quilt. I quilt, because I love the process of picking the fabrics and having them speak to me to make something to snuggle in. I thought I’d be able to use up some of my fabrics in this group, and I wouldn’t feel ‘guilty’ spending money on new fabrics for a project. But I now believe God spoke many times when I wasn’t listening. In the hands of those who help me create the quilts, those who put in a request for someone that’s ill, and in the face of those receiving the quilts they didn’t expect to get. That’s really the best. And nothing needs to be said. Nothing. 

It’s what God wants me to do… We comfort those who are sometimes consumed with dealing with things we can’t imagine. Because we can. Nothing needs to be repaid, but all of us involved with the group know it’s repaid in volumes! I now know this is what God wants me to do. To give. And LOVE doing it!

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