Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March meeting update

Just wanted to update you all on the progress from the other night.

We had a good turnout; Jane P, Kathy S, Anne R, Margaret M, Muriel and Nancy. 

Muriel is working on the binding on Margaret's Green D9P (with pink binding),

I finished tying the gray ties into the Lime Green/Red and Gray quilt that Kathy put together, but I haven't found the right shade of  gray binding material in my stash. I'll have to go to Joanns (darn, lol). I think I'll call it Lime Green Surprise! 

I have the 'serged squares' quilt that I have to machine-quilt this month. Hope to have it done by April's mtg.

I added borders and cornerstones (offset-due to lack of enough fabric that we had in stash- so we improvised) to the little pink one that Kathy made. Really adorable. The border fabric really sets it off. Not sure what to call this one, as it looks like the pinwheels are fenced in some wealthy person's yard. Any suggestions? (my thought is "Quartermaster"...)

* * * Don't forget that the April mtg will be on April 5th from 9am-3pm (Sat). Bring a lunch to enjoy. I'll figure out the dessert and drinks. Not sure of the "theme", but it will probably be another sandwich/deli theme as we'd like to finish ALL the incomplete quilts that we have in house. I have a few that will need to go to Maine with me in May (to Marden's) and may take some Project Linus quilts to cover the cost of the backings we need (if that's okay with Jane).

Okay, the Margaret news... Keep her in your prayers as she called this morning to say she was flying to FL as her son isn't probably gonna last very long (kidney transplant, has had seizures/ small strokes and is in a coma at the moment. They told her to come down if she can as they don't expect much more...sad.

But on a lighter note, we'll show you a quilt she just finished (pie quilt pattern). Just lovely- some of my favorite color/combos.

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