Friday, April 4, 2014

Saturday's 6 hour event!

This Saturday is the second of our 6 hour events that are held three times a year. Hopefully this will be the last time we meet to sandwich quits together in a large quanity. I have made a request (actually, I think it was stronger than a request) to the ladies that if any quilts are made at home to bring in, it must be finished (sans a label). This way we will prevent our unfinished objects (UFOs) to soar higher than we can reach.

I also have some GREAT ideas to work on, but can't see starting new projects when the old ones are hanging around...

"Tying to Quilt" will be the theme of this event. Yes, we'll be tying quilts. Not too exciting, but I hope to have plans to work on the 'Jar quilt' we started a while back. Since there is never any patterns to my creations, I really do have to plan a lot for the sections to work well together. It will be a special quilt. It will have to be used in a very special way.

Some of the projects I'd like to see in the future...

1. The Bank of Beijing has some Chinese coins we'd like to put together.
2. Another bingo quilt?
3. Rainbow HS quilts
4. I spy quilts, using snowball blocks.

Just some ideas to bring up to the ladies....

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