Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday's event was 'Mahvelous'!


That's all I can say. We had a great turnout at the Sat "Tying to Quilt" (Dying to quilt) event. There was our usual members, me, Margaret, Jane, Anna, Kathy, even Mary Ellen stopped in with a couple of quilts to drop off (she'd done them at home). But then we had people we don't see very often, Dee and Delaney (and brother, Dalton). And Lo and behold, we had other members of our church show up, Donna, Lynn, AND my Aunt Norma (who was having my husband work on her car for a few hours, so he dropped her off to 'keep her busy', LOL.

Kathy's paper pieced Hexagons, called "Knick Knack Paddywack"
Kathy's cutie I'll call, "Smile Tweetie"

16-block RWB heartstring section

"Talk about Spring!"-Mary Ellen's HS quilt

"Wine by Moonlight"-Mary Ellen's HS quilt

SO much got worked on. Most of what we worked on was sandwiching quilts together and tying, although they had me machine-quilting a few, through the centers (diagonally), around a border on others. We have four done to the stage of rolling the binding over to the front and sewing or trimming so we can to the bindings. (Mom, you'll be getting a few quilts to work on).
Delaney and Anna tying

Margaret pinning a binding

Margaret, Jane and Kathy deciding on the backing

Some choices just don't make it into the quilt

We did get a quilt donated to our group from Donna I., who found it in her stash at home. Of course, we'll find it a home. We also made plans (tentatively) to take some quilts that need backings up to Maine to Marden's! Hopefully, we'll go on Tues, April 15th.

To be continued.....

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