Saturday, September 19, 2015

First meeting of the new year

Off to do our first meeting... I'll be posting photos of our accomplishments. Hope anyone who can come, does!  Bring a lunch, and I'll provide drinks and desserts! See you there! (9am-3pm)

Okay, ... first workshop done, however, Until I can figure out why my computer won't let me post the photos I took, I'll be just talking/typing to you... I'll post photos when I figure this out.

We had a few people show up I didn't expect! Dee and her daughter, Delaney (and Dalton helped to take down everything at the end), the usual suspects, Margaret, Kathy, Marilyn and Jane (and me of course).
Premmie hearts for the Premmie Project! In Iowa. Sixty two of them made by Kathy S.

This one is spoken for....a man with cancer.

This one doesn't have a backing yet.... just 'borrowed' a piece of batting from another one.

We finished tying a few quilts and had bindings for Marilyn to take home (she had the bindings on them by 4:30pm!), one that needed some seam ripping (my fault) that Kathy took home (she needed some busy work in front of the tv) with the binding. We'll see if it comes back finished (wouldn't that be nice?).
I also took one home to get done... We have two more pinned, one more tied and I really couldn't look at another one, so they are put away for the next meeting in Oct.

Two of them are spoken for already, so as soon as they are done... off they go.

All in all, I think we got a lot accomplished!!! Great job, ladies!

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