Thursday, October 15, 2015

Second meeting, Second workshop!!

Come prepared to work again... 6hrs of deciding how much time you care to sew/quilt, tie, laugh!!
Sat 9am-3pm... See you there!!

Here is what got accomplished!

This quilt was finished, Blessed and given to DA who has been struggling with cancer. In the closer photo you'll noticed the fishing lures in it.
"Lure Me In"

This quilt was a collective block  project, Blocks put together by Kathy and tied and bound by the group.
"Blue Belly bound in Red"

Blessed quilts

These wheel-chair sized quilts will be heading out soon. We'll let you know where they are going.

"Chaos in Blue"
This heartstring quilt made by MaryEllen is busy, but we hope it's warmth will calm down any concerns for the recipient. It has Blue blubbles on the backing.

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