Saturday, November 7, 2015

November Nights

This was the first "night" meeting and while I ususally have the hall set up for us to work on something ahead of time, it's my busiest time of year at work and I was lucky to get there before the ladies decided I wasn't showing up (a few were there before me!)

We did get to sort through things and organize what we'll be working on in the next 'workshop' (6 hrs)... It was really productive!! It let us see where we stand with projects.

The ladies DID work on things at home and brought them in...
Janet G has been working on a few quilts (therapy, since she had to retire- due to helath issues)
"Gardening at Home"

This is great backing to the garden quilt...
back of quilt

"Tesselating Coffee Mugs"

back of TCM

Great label, Janet!!

This top was finished by Janet, but since we need some larger quilts, we're picking out fabrics to enlarge the borders. Can't wait to see what it ends up looking like. We tucked it away for the Jan meeting with fabrics we picked out to play with.

Kathy came through with more  Pocket Prayers. Let's see how many we have NOW!

Seventy Six Pocket Prayers!!! Whooo Hooo. (Help yourself to them anytime- they live in the Narthex, but if you need one and can't get to us, Post a comment and I'll send you one!)

This top was made by Nancy (me) with the help of Vernon Nutmeg quilters. You picked a pattern for a block and made 12 of them (mine were the corner ones, disappearing 9-patch). Then helped yourself to one of all that took part in it, and used those blocks to make a top. Since we only had nine people, I added a few more of mine for the corners to make it bigger. The backing was gotten at Marden's in ME and the ties were done so they only show on the back!

This quilt top originally started as Janet G's project and she didn't like it. (We LOVE it, Janet), but we wanted it bigger! We've been playing with adding borders, a thin 'flange' of orange (which I added two different ways and we like one over the other, so I'll fix it before the next meeting). Then we'll add the blue around the whole thing. Final view will be in January.

Contemplating the orange border....does it go to the corner only or all the way? We think just to the corner, which means I'll fix it at home.

It will be nice though.... love it. (I want to name it "Sputter".


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