Saturday, March 19, 2016

March meeting- GREEN

Here are photos from the March meeting...
This is the color for March (appropriate for St Patrick's day, isn't it?) The trick is not to make it too blue or too yellow-green)
This was the first few blocks I received form the group. Mary Ellen always makes her four match.

I tried to see how I'd like the grays with a splash of bright color! Love it.

Love the selections of grays I had too (but I did go out and buy more, lol).

Kathy made this beauty (rectangles of green and 4-patches), I may call it "Raspberry Garden"

Here is the back.

Love the border, too

Cream Fun Heartstring
Mary Ellen made this one a while ago, we're just getting to pinning it to the back (wood grain).

Delaney is great at doing design work, so she's in charge of the Feb blocks.

Picking out a backing for the Jan blocks... decisions, decisions, decisions.

 All pinned and ready to tie.

Second red one was more red/pink than just red. Notice the arrow design?

Good design, Delaney! Now to pin it and I'll take home to put together.

Kathy enjoying the process while I sew the binding on.

"Red Raspberry" top is done.

How does this look for the leftover blouse blocks?

AKA "Blue Belly Paisley"
"Bellies on the Couch" is done.

Rainbow lasagna is finished and ready to comfort someone! Good job, ladies!! 

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