Monday, March 2, 2009

March Mtg

Due to the snow storm "Demi", we are meeting on March 9th... next Monday, same time. We have two of our charity quilts back from the local quilter, Laura, so we can bind them on Monday (Bingo and Earth & Sky).
I'm posting some variations of Heartstring quilts we may want to try... I LOVE the black centers...

And we may want to try a variation still of this one, where we put one half of the block one color and the other half another color and see what kind of a maze we make.

We have taken care of the parishioner in need of a sleeping bag, donated by Muriel S. Thanks, angel....

Also, know that if any meetings get cancelled, call my number or the church (860-649-4583) to find out if we're on. I hardly think we'll need this 'service' any further into the year, hopefully no more snow!

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