Sunday, June 13, 2010

Organization Station

This wasn't in my plan, but it was necessasary. I wish I had taken a picture of the before because it is amazing at the difference, but the ladies in charge of taking hold of the reins were already there, when I arrived for something else.
I had planned on meeting another woman (Deacon Karen) to help with a project that she thought we could help with (fabric wise)- we couldn't, and I fell upon all these 'workers' hauling things out of various closets in our church's conference room and trying to sort them. We have one of the closets (and I didn't think about it until that day, that WE have one of the narrowest doors for storage) and my husband's group, Parish Life (the fun stuff)  had the one next to us. I'm thankful that I was there, because they were dealing with 5 other groups and they weren't involved with them, so had to presume which certain items belonged to each group. I KNEW what was in our closet and my DH group, so I went about organizing our stuff.
It really felt good to do this and it gave me a chance to donate some of the stuff we have been given/donated that we wouldn't probably use to another quilter who makes quilts for the homeless in her area. I'm sure she will use it well.
I spent 7 hrs there (well, okay.... I DID go out and bring back lunch!). The only things I didn't sort through was the fabrics we have for backings. I'll do that probably today. Ok..... they're done!(See above)

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