Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hurricane Sandy quilts delivered!

Oh, how I wish I had a photo of Ed Johnetta's face when she heard how many quilts we were donating! She was such a love to come and pick up the quilts we had for her chapter (Quilts for Kids). She was so excited to see it was me that she was dealing with (we'd just been emailing back and forth to set this up), and then to hear we had 30 quilts...., well, you'd have thought she died and went to heaven! She said the girls in her chapter usually make a pickup of a few quilts, maybe 5, but 30??!! Never!

After we got them loaded into her car, we discussed how important it was for both of us to make sure they got to help those in CT first (if possible), since we had such horrible devastation to our shoreline. Once she got them home, she sent us the email she sent to the regional chapter of Q4K, and a thank you to our group. Oh, Ed Johnetta, you have no idea how much we thank YOU. I only wish I could actually go with the quilts to see where they end up residing....

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