Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pillowcases for Sandy Hook children

Becky at the Quilter's Corner in New Milford, CT has requested pillowcases for all the children in the Sandy Hook Elementary school, approzimately 600. That plee was put out the day after their terrible shooting and she has received 1,689 and 5 quilts!!! They are still taking in more as they'd like to give them to all the other elementary schools, first responders and teachers. Marilyn and I went to Fabric Place Basement in Natick, MA to see what bargains we could scoff up and we have quilte a bunch to make with what we came home with. They even gave us 10% off what we bought.

The call was put out to our group to make some and bring them to the Jan 5th event, We'll send them down on the 7th. How wonderful the response has been. They've been coming from all over the country. I'll post how many we end up sending, with photos!! (I may even deliver them in person on the 6th!!)

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  1. Since they have filled their second request for 4000, we will send our pillowcases to somewhere else. Never a shortage of where to send them.