Monday, December 31, 2012

Preparing for our Jan Quilting Event

One of our most active quilters, Kathy S had taken a quilt home last time that we'd met and returned with the doll pattern #2 quilt. She got it quilted and bound.
She also put together these two pinwheel quilts. The top one I'm calling "Scattered Pinwheels"...
 While this one I think should be named "Pinwheels in the Grass". Just lovely.

 Dolly Dinkle #2...
This one is called "Psycedelic Butterflies" and the interesting thing about this quilt is the two blocks that were used, have NOTHING in common with each other!
 But even the back is beautiful.
 This panel was purchased in Natick MA, at the Fabric Place Basement. I added the red piping, the dark green borders and the red cornerstones. We have a second panel just like it. I'll be curious to see what we do to that one.
 Kathy dropped off several blocks that she'd made. These blocks are 16", all pieced around a blue center square. (This was sent to the ladies via email to try and duplicate).

 These are mine... Only got 6 done, but they are large so we don't need many for a quilt.
 These are ones Kathy S put together. They may be too long, unless we add to the sides.....or remove one row on the bottom.
Kathy also made 16 blocks of fall fabrics. We may make them assorted or do something completely different with these....

I had these strips from some panels that were leftovers. Found some grass in my stash, pieced it together and added a pieced turquoise frame. Just needs a backing....May call it, "Stop it, Cars!"
 These piece I've been playing with for a few years. Just added the black sides to it. The rust prairie points in the center are not tacked down (they open up). Not sure where to go from here, but this may be a work in progress.
Kathy also included 48 plaid heartstring (HS) blocks. I tried to play around with them into different designs...
 Added a 6th row at the bottom...

 Not sure how we'll choose to go, but I can always refer to these designs for the final quilts.
I can't wait to show the ladies these ....

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