Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wrong Named Quilt-"Baby Blue Blocks"- NOT

Okay, here's the deal.... At our first fundraiser, I was to bring a quilt that one of our members would pick up and deliver to her friend's son, who was just diagnosed with throat cancer. I picked out a few that I thought might work, and let her choose one at the fundraiser.

The problem is that I never looked at the blog to see the names I'd given the quilts BEFORE I left the house. In all the excitement, I also forgot the name when I wrote it on the letter to be given with it. I know the memory is failing, but I figured if I thought about it long enough, I'd remember. NOT. So I gave it a name "Baby Blue Blocks", because all the centers of the blocks were a soft blue. When one of the other quilters came into the fundraiser and I related the story of which quilt was taken, she said, " I just love the name you gave it, 'Blue Bellies' ." DUH! Of course.

When I got home, I looked back in the blog to the photos I'd taken and what I'd written about it and I realize that I really called it "Delaney's Decision" because one of our newest members, Delaney, was designing the blocks that way she liked. Hence the name. The  "Blue bellies" were another quilt all together.

So, I'm putting it in the sideboards as "Delaney's Decision", but if the owner of this quilt looks for the name on his letter, "Baby Blue Blocks", he won't find that name. ....Boy, is it tough to get old.

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