Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just got a heads up that there will be a reception after a wake/funeral at 4pm on the day of our event. (!)

What do we do now? I usually have a relaxing time taking all the tables down, cleaning up, etc. after all the ladies have left. Now, I'll feel as though I'm rushing to be out of there much earlier than usual (we usually have our quilting event from 9am-3pm or 4pm). Now I'll either have to have it from 8am-2pm or move it to another Sat.

I'm hoping to talk to the secretary to see what can be done.(we can't move it to another part of the church as the only other space is downstairs and I'm NOT lugging ALL the stuff needed for our event, to the other end of the church AND down a flight of stairs! I'd rather move the date. We spend too much time going into our cabinets for supplies and that's right off Anderson Hall (where we both need to use the space).  Hopefully, we can find a compromise. Hard to have to change the plans at this stage of the planning. Somehow, God will provide (just wished his timing was different, ... but then, it's HIS timing, not mine. )


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