Friday, June 10, 2011

Sad news.....

Back in spring of 2010, we sent an emergency quilt to a friend of Mavie (of Maine). Mavie, a well known quilter on the Yahoo group, HeartstringQuilt Project, didn't have a finished quilt, but felt the need was urgent. We sent off one of our quilts that had been blessed in St Mary's during a service, with Mavie's thanks. Check out our last post regarding this amazing lady, Jackie L.

The sad news... Mavie's friend passed away recently. Under the quilt. Her husband will find comfort in holding onto that quilt, I'm sure. Thanks for the update, Maive. It means a lot to us, too.

Mavie sent us 48 heartstring blocks as a thank you (I'm sure to replace the empty spot in our church's stash- it wasn't necessary, but appreciated). We put them together and named the quilt, "I Got the Blues in Maine", because it had blue center strips in each block.

We backed it with a lovely yellow print which we rolled the backing over to the front to make the binding and sealed the deal.

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