Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Year's Record broken!

Okay, so it isn't the MOST we've ever made for this group in one year, but it just went over last year's numbers.

We have just struck 20 quilts/items made for the year!!

I recently gave four away... Black Rose Panel (to a young woman with ALS, who is now bed-ridden), Rectangle Sudoku with Wings (given to my mom's BFF, who was injured in a terrible car accident- broke 6 ribs, collarbone and split lip-stitched-- and who's husband died), Shattered Italian Tiles (to a young woman who is going through 9 months of chemo for breast cancer), and Monet in Teal (to a woman who is going through her 3rd bout of cancer). And thank God we are blessed to have more in our stash for others.

I have two in my house I'm working on.... one that needed quilting (SITD) and binding(an orange one that WAS a pieced back-turned in to a top). One that needs to be pin-basted and tied, then bound (lasagna).
I think I'm gonna be a tad more laid back this summer. After all, I have a wedding I'm imvolved with for my oldest daughter (July 24th).

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