Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Event!

What a success this was! Although I didn't have people show up right away (and let me tell you, I got nervous), I did end up with a great crew. Let's see... who showed....

Margaret M, Muriel S, Brenda K (who is usually in FL when we meet), Janet G (who's dad is doing much better-- must have been the quilt we sent him! LOL), me, Marilyn L, Carol "C" G, ... yup, that's it. Seven of us.
Here is my mom, Muriel (age 83) and Margaret on the right working on Wonky Log cabin.
Here is the noodle table (you'll see them in action later in this post), and the "Fishing Lines" at the other end, ready to be tied.

Marilyn's "Monet in Teal" was finished and ready to be sent to it's recipient, but it need to be blessed on Sunday. I'll send it from work tomorrow.

We were auditioning the binding for "Shattered Italian Tiles" , but after tying it, we decided to roll the backing over and use that. At least we have some extra bindings to use at some point.

Margaret rolled the backing over and is pinning this, so I can hand-sew it. Then it should be done.

Marilyn is stitching the rolled backing, used as the binding on this one. Almost done... yea!

Now, this shows the pool noodles in action. The backing and batting are rolled on the back one (left). The top is rolled on the (right one). Line them up, then press out wrinkles (if you have any--since you should have hand-pressed them out when the initial rolling was done). I think they tied it as they rolled it (although you could pin it instead. Just move the pinned area off the table in front of you and you can keep rolling the two noodles 6"-8" back further. We figured out we need a stiff dowel in the center of the noodles so they don't curve. Of course, they ended up with wrinkles on the back (we fixed them), but they figured it was because they were talking and having too much fun!
BTW, Brenda (middle), what are you using those scissors for?... lol (I know the truth, don't I?). I'm SURE you were helping "C" and Janet...

Marilyn's done! Now that one can get blessed.

Number 3! This one is finished....

This is the backing, but we 'oops-ed' the label on the backing, so we had to 'patch it'. It worked, but we still have to label it.
What WAS the best part??? (other than getting four quilts done and ready to bless..)
Dessert, of course! I had a blast making home-made ice cream cones (and waffle bowls) the night before. I brought all the fixin's for ice cream sundaes
Now, who says we don't have fun!!!!???? (this is me)
The funny part was, that a few others in the church found us and we offered to share our dessert... and after a discussion of the waffle cone maker and where I bought it, I heard there was a 'run' on the store and three of our parishioners bought them out!!!! (at $15 each they WERE a steal!)